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Think you know everything about Pirates? Fascination with Pirates has for centuries driven mythological tales of great proportions. The tales of their high seas debauchery continue to inspire modern day books, movies, and groups, dedicated to acting out their past. Pirates are certainly heroes to some and the lowest of crooks to others, but do we really know the truth?

Come on board and see what pirates actually wore, the type of ships they used, and how they planned and executed some of the most cunningly successful heists ever known. “A Pirates Life In The Golden Age of Piracy” will fascinate and transport you back in time with rich stories and visual accuracy. If you thought you knew all about pirates your in for some surprising revelations that will leaving you even more intrigued!

The New Book By Robert Jacob


About Robert

With a lifelong passion for history, Robert Jacob has been heavily involved in living
history interpretation and reenacting for over 40 years. He has participated in activities
covering a wide range of time periods including numerous French and Indian War and
Revolutionary War reenactment groups, Western Gun Fighter groups, regularly
attending Mountain Man Rendezvous and Renaissance Fairs. During the past 12 years
he has focused on the golden age of piracy with a concentration on Blackbeard.
Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Robert graduated from Duquesne University with a
Bachelor’s Degree in education in 1978. He taught in the West Point public school
district, West Point, VA for five years while completing his Master’s Degree from Virginia
Commonwealth University in 1983.

Robert Jacob

In 1982, Robert entered the United States Marine Corps reserve and augmented to
active duty in 1983. During his service, he became a military occupational specialty
instructor and earned the designation of Master Training Specialist. Later in his career,
he became the Commanding Officer of the Marine Detachment at the same school
where he had earlier instructed. He achieved the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 5 and
retired after 31 years of service in 2013.

While researching information on the golden age of piracy, Robert realized that most of
the publications on the subject were contradictory and even incorrect. This motivated
him to write his current publication, “A Pirate’s Life in the Golden Age of Piracy.”

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Praise For “A Pirates Life”

Video review by Adam Morrow 



“I was expecting a pretty thorough coverage of pirate history, facts and lore. This book delivered FAR beyond my expectations! A truly wonderful author and delivery of the most tantalizing aspects of piracy.  You can even find games and recipes on the website! Such a fun experience. I definitely recommend this to anyone thirsting for more knowledge on pirates, the sea, lore, or even those that live on the east coast with a deep connection to this chapter of history ( i.e. Outer Banks and Coastal Carolina for sure). Can’t wait to see what’s next!”




“Robert Jacob’s work, “A Pirate’s Life in the Golden Age of Piracy”, is exceptional! Packed with historical tidbits and written with a smooth flow and sharp wit, this book will entertain and inform anyone with any level of interests in pirates. For those who study the life of pirates or who are avid living historians this book will prove to be a valuable asset. For those who simply have a passing interest this book will serve to be an entertaining “crash course” in pirates and history during the time in which they roamed the waters. In “A Pirate’s Life” Jacob manages to transport the reader back in time to enjoy the thrilling lives of pirates while informing and educating. Great to read while relaxing with your favorite libation – seems fitting to enjoy some rum while reading this fast paced work!”



“Wonderfully written and most highly factual account I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. Five stars. Highly recommended for any pirate enthusiast & historian.”

S. Villwock, Dec. 30, 2019



“I purchased this book in advance of a presentation by the Author and couldn’t wait to read it. Typically, books that are so filled with facts take me some time to get through, but I consumed the material very quickly. The presentation of material is done in a timeline format, which is really helpful to keep the facts in context. The Author does a great job of weeding out fiction while presenting the facts. Some of the information presented opened my eyes to long-held misconceptions. I highly recommend this as a great addition to your pirate library.”

Michael Hios
February 27, 2019



“This is a treasure trove of information on a period and a way of life. Sure, as my husband says, you can find it all elsewhere, but piecemeal. Here you have it in one place, and in astounding detail.

Your head will be swimming. For twenty years I’ve bought every book on pirates, on sea adventure in general, that I’ve come across, both fiction and nonfiction. This outstrips anything I have in terms of the sort of minutia that will make my own sea saga come alive. If I screw up, assign the wrong number of guns to the wrong type of ship, no big deal. I’m writing a comical piece. All I’m after is to make it sound good. If you need to get it right, find the information you require here.

I am not a verified purchase. I bought directly from the author, via Facebook. Amazon, don’t hold that against me.”

October 10, 2018
Mimi Thurston



“Until someone successfully builds a time machine humanity must rely on historians to give us a sense of the past. In this work, the author deftly paints a broad yet detailed image of a pirate’s life. While densely packed with historical information, the “juicy” bits of this book are the wonderful explorations of the milieu and ephemera of the life and times of a pirate. With such insightful observations found between its covers, this book makes time travel seems quite unnecessary. This beautifully written tome is a delightful read for seasoned scholar and armchair historian alike. Well crafted, insightful, and illuminating, this book is a treasure chest of entertainment and knowledge. An all around great read.”




An excellent book! A great resource for all things pirates!  It was an honor and a pleasure to meet Mr. Robert Jacob at the Billy Bowlegs Festival here in Florida!

Paul G.


“Wow! Reading this book is like receiving a broadside from The Queen Ann’s Revenge, but instead of cannon ball and grapeshot tearing through hull and sail, one’s brain if peppered with knowledge and information about the daily life of pirates and privateers. A thrilling read for fans of high seas adventure, lovers of the waters and beaches of the East Coast of the United States, and curious history buffs. Well written, through, and entertaining!”




“A Pirate’s Life is a well-written, informative, and entertaining book. I couldn’t put it down. I especially enjoyed the numerous illustrations throughout. Mr. Jacob has definitely put a lot of time and care into this project, and the result is a wonderful book for all to enjoy.”

October 2, 2018


“I have always been interested in the history of pirates and thought that I might enjoy this book. I have thoroughly enjoyed every page of the book and found it very informative and entertaining. A must buy!”

September 11, 2018


“If you are a lover of history and/or pirates, this book is for you. This is an amazing, well-researched account of pirates throughout history. It details the lives of pirates from the weapons they used to what clothes they wore. I highly recommend this book!”

Amazon Customer
August 31, 2018



“A factual account on “A Pirate’s life”. Great takeaways and an entertaining journey. Most highly recommended.”

Robert Aey
October 24, 2018


“I love the idea of this book! As a Floridian, I hope to share these pirate stories in towns like St. Augustine and Key West!!”

Tyler B


“Before reading this book, my knowledge of pirates was limited to Johnny Depp, Long John Silvers, and Roberto Clemente. Robert Jacob managed to immerse me into the lives of pirates. The wealth of knowledge on every page paints a detailed seascape of nearly eighty years of history.”